Top Tips for Finding the Best Windsor Mover

It is important to try to make arrangements for your move well in advance, at least four to six weeks before the moving date.

• Choose a Windsor Moving Company that has Great Reviews

• The rates and charges that will apply

• The movers’ liability for your belongings

• How pickup and delivery will work

If you did wait until the last minute, Aleks Moving can help you deal with a last-minute move.

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Top Tips for Finding the Best Windsor Mover

Why move your Milton office with Aleks Moving Services?

We know exactly what it takes to get you and your colleagues back to work with the least amount of disruption to productivity or your bottom line. A full-service moving company specializing in commercial moves, Aleks Moving has perfected solutions to ensure the smoothest transitions.

Perhaps the best reason is that we know how to minimize disruption for your staff and get you back to work. We offer a full range of office moving services in Milton, Ontario, all of which are designed to make your move as smooth as possible.

With Aleks Moving Milton, you’ll work with a training movers so they know what to expect and how to prepare for the move.
We’ll carefully protect your new space, from the floors to the desktops, and your computers and other technology will be meticulously wrapped, transported, and reconnected with expert care. We can even move entire server rooms and data centers.

We know what’s at stake for your commercial or office move. Lost downtime could cost your company thousands of dollars, if not millions. Aleks Moving offers the Boxless Move, and a suite of commercial services that minimize downtime and disruption, so you and your colleagues can get back to work easily, and quickly.

Why move your Milton office with Aleks Moving Services?

Residential and Commercial Movers

We are Oakville moving professionals, Aleks Moving is a reliable moving company operated by real moving company professionals. Our staff will focus on the details of your move starting with your initial call to our office, during your free, no obligation in-home consultation, during the move and after the move is over, if necessary. It is our goal to be a friendly, helpful resource for you – we understanding that we are not only moving your belongings, but helping your family relocate your entire life to a new home.

Every move is different. We know this because we have moved countless families to new homes in the Brampton area. Our years of experience in door to door moving has taught us that the best way to help a moving family is to suit their preferences and style.

Whether you want to be personally involved in managing the move or don’t want to get into the details, Aleks Moving can offer a high level of customization that makes your move the way you want it.

Aleks Moving Burlington has a price to fit everyone’s budget. We strive to provide a great service for an affordable price. Our fully equipped late model moving trucks and experienced movers helps keep all operating costs low. Our comprehensive door to door moving service saves you not only money but valuable time and energy as well.

Since time is money, Aleks Moving works quickly and efficiently to get your things loaded and into your new home. Our hourly rate includes all of your guys and truck, a generous supply of moving equipment to include furniture padding, hand trucks, walk boards, and dollies. We use cargo control straps to secure your belongings in the truck to get them safely to your new home.


Residential and Commercial Movers

Windsor Long and Local Movers

Aleks Moving goal is to give your, our client, a safe and stress free experience for all of your Windsor moving and storage needs.

Our reputation for quality Windsor moving and storage and our impressive list of clients speaks for itself.
We can guarantee a safe and stress-free experience for all your moving and storage needs.

Our moving trucks also have lift gates and ramps to make sure your move goes as quickly as possible. Our crew leaders come prepared with a tool bag with all of the most common tools to disassemble and reassemble your furniture and connect your appliances.
we’re also a premier packing company!



We are family owned business that offers a complete relocation service tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.


Windsor Long and Local Movers